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Wedding Planning 101: Where Do I Start? The two main decisions you’ll need to make when you get started wedding planning: your guest list and your budget.

TAMARA: And they would even say specifically they’re very egalitarian in the wedding planning. Oh, we both work equally hard at planning this wedding. And it wasn’t really true, at least um, for when I would go and compare that to actually looking at their planners and, you know, recording step by step, ok, who did this, who did that, who put the work into this, that — and almost — in every case, it was never equal on any of the couples. The women always did more. And even the ones where it was more close to equal, the woman was the manager. So she did extra work to make sure he was doing more. Which is extra work.

There’s something about the energy on a wedding day that reminded her of the adrenaline she used to feel during a performance. Through her years of performing, Erin learned that you need to be ready for anything, and your counterparts on stage need see post to know that no matter what goes awry during a scene that you’ll be there to help fix it, and that translates perfectly into the world of event coordination. You get one chance to put your plan into action, and no matter what, the show must go on!

How do families figure out who pays for what and who makes the decisions? The first step is a discussion between parents and the engaged couple, says Knot editor Ivy Jacobson. It’s no longer taboo to discuss what people can reasonably afford ,” she says. Unless the families are very close, she suggests the bride and groom talk to their parents separately, especially if there are several sets of parents because of divorce.

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